Pigeon's Eleven

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Roleplay as birds who are professional con artists. There's a heist: a grand criminal job to steal some tasty tasty food. You may have beaks and feathers, but you are also crafty thieves who can pick locks, counterfeit credentials, hold jobs, and talk!

John James Audubon (1785-1851) witnessed his first bird crime on the streets of Philadelphia, PA, through grimy binoculars. He went to the authorities and nobody believed him. He vowed to keep these miscreants under surveillance. He called himself a "birdwatcher", but the birds called him another name - "snitch".

In your hands, you hold a copy of Pigeon's Eleven, the world's foremost authoritative document about Bird Crime. 

You WILL get so far into their little feathery heads that you will actually become birds, and you WILL be compelled to do crimes.
Luckily, this is a convenient hallucination, brought on by a fun evening of tabletop roleplaying with friends. 

You will probably not be arrested for playing this game. 

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oftcover book, 56 color pages.

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