PERFUME / MALLED "Almost Euphoria"

PERFUME / MALLED "Almost Euphoria"

Perfume / Malled

Fiadh Productions

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Perfume / Malled’s Almost Euphoria is a retrowave/post-punk split that’s not quite any specific genre but has heavy doses of goth, synth & noise.

1. Perfume - Euphoria
2. Perfume - December 7th, 2017 
3. Perfume - Almost
4. Malled - All in Due Time
5. Malled - Crystal Thin
6. Malled - Hold'n Over

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released February 23, 2024

Artwork painting by Victoria hahn

Perfume is an anonymous project that experiments with various genres while under the influence of various chemicals & plants.

The most personal of Perfume splits, this release contains the first song they ever recorded. The aptly titled “December 7th, 2017” was recorded then, during a time of absolute confusion and uncertainty. How did the people i looked up to record their music while depressed? I couldn’t even get out of bed. I managed to write two short piano tracks before giving up for a couple of years.

The other two tracks are more recent, but are again crafted under the terms of uncertainty. The sound of wind chimes were the last field recording i took at my grandparents acreage before they had to move away. This year has been very bitter-sweet. An ode to change and to never forgetting. Hails to Malled.

Malled is a one man band. I’ve released a couple of things before but nothing that really spoke to me as enjoyably as this project has. I’ve tried a more nonchalant approach when it came to writing my songs…In which I actually wanna enjoy what I’m doing. And when I don’t find it fun, I just kinda stop

My favourite thing to do is to have some beers and ingest some nicotine while listening to these songs. And I hope you guys can find a way to enjoy them too. Double hails to perfume, I owe that guy everything. Enjoy.

Pro-duplicated & printed white-shell cassettes with full-color j-card in clear Norelco cases.

Edition of 30.

Includes unlimited streaming of  "Almost Euphoria" via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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