Nine Defenses Against the Basilisk

Clint Marsh and Alexis Berger

Fiddler's Green

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Black & White Magic for Surviving Extreme Anxiety

In antiquity the wild places of the world were menaced by the dreaded “king of all reptiles,” the basilisk, a creature so vile that it could turn brave heroes to stone with a mere look. Today we face the basilisk every time we are gripped with anxiety so strong it stops us in our tracks.

Through a look at nine time-honored defenses against the basilisk, this booklet will help you find the best ways to fend off this perilous monster’s petrifying gaze.

Clint Marsh uses elements of myth, magic, folklore, and humor to help people navigate everyday life. He is the editor of Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine and a winner of the Bookseller/Diagram Prize.

Alexis Berger is an illustrator, painter, and Murano glass artist. Her work is inspired by the Belle Epoch period and forms found in the natural world, and often incorporates themes from folklore and myth.

Originally published in Fiddler's Green 1

12 pages, 12 illustrations, and copper foil leaf logo on the cover.

Tags: Magic

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