NERVES : An Analytical TTRPG Zine Issue 000.1

NERVES : An Analytical TTRPG Zine Issue 000.1

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NERVES is a new tabletop roleplaying magazine with a focus on analytical articles, critiques from unique perspectives, and introspective editorials. Basically, it’s an emotional romp through the tabletop sphere in the hopes of developing art and highlighting underrepresented voices. Unlike Dragon Magazine from way back when, NERVES is not focused on mechanics or guides. It’s meant to take the tabletop game as a serious form of art and broaden the discussion to match how people talk about other forms of media like film, television, or literature.

Table of Contents

  • Romani Representation - Rue Dickey
  • A Forest of Our Own Making - Maria Mison
  • Identity in Roleplaying - L Wilson
  • Character Snapshots - Kyle Tam
  • Autobiography Comic Strips - Sam Pender
  • Power Fantasies in RPGs - Sharang Biswas
  • The Ritual of Summoning Ghosts - Seb Pines
  • History of the Satanic Panic - Bethany Loy
  • Toward a Definition of Game - Jared Sinclair

Edited by: Fiona Maeve Geist
Layout by: Micah Anderson

This book is 76 pages, b&w, and staple bound.

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