My Mother's Kitchen

Fleit Detrik


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A solo journaling game where cooking sets you free

Close Your Eyes and Remember

You wrote the original family cookbook.

But that’s all you know for sure. Your spirit lives in your recipes, passed down from generation to generation. Gather up memories and use your powers to heal, harm, or move on. Who will finally achieve your wish and set you free?

My Mother’s Kitchen is a solo journaling game about traditions, change, and cooking. Transform your future to remember your past with a new tarot card system that mixes creative prompts with tactical thinking.

Bittersweet, hopeful, and eerie, cook your way through eras, trials, and tribulations using your own family's recipes or ones you love. This game is a new take on tarot games, in the spirit of others before it like Anamnesis, O Captain, Skyworthy, and Thousand Year Old Vampire.

What's in the Book?
  • 38 pages of content
  • Character creation that evolves as you play
  • An entirely new way to use major and minor tarot for solo storytelling
  • Original art by Fabian Lelay (@rocketsandpens) and Hailee Smith (@onesleepybeetle)
  • 12 different recipe cards to swap out for more replay value
  • Blank recipe cards to build your own playset
  • Over 44 prompts that are as delicious as they are devastating
  • A New Game + Mode that lets you build on failure

What People Are Saying

"But there were a few [TTRPGs, including MMK,] that really stood out, projects that tried to challenge not just players, but the very idea of what a tabletop RPG could be." - Dan Arndt, Polygon, "Zine Quest and Zine Month took tabletop RPGs in weird new directions"

"Listennnnnn I was so excited about My Mother's Kitchen I backed it twice. One for me, and one for my mom!"
- Shouting Crow Press

A game by Fleit Detrik
Cover Art by Fabian Lelay
Interior Art by Hailee Smith
Interior Art and Layout by Jason Wooldridge 
Other art from iStock

Editing by Brent Jans
Sensitivity Consulting by Txabier Etxeberri

Spiral-bound booklet, 38 color pages.

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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