ELAINE "La gardienne du Graal"


Fiadh Productions

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For the wisdom and majesty of all women. ⚔️
May the light be upon them. 🕯️

"I don't know anything, nothing that wisdom hasn't brought me.
Nothing but a sacred chalice has slowly poured into the hollow of my ear.
I know nothing, nothing that the bright future does not enlighten.
Nothing that a night of love cannot disfigure.
I took in hand the reins of destiny.
Such is my strength, such is the right I have given myself."
released February 3, 2023

Originally released May 22, 2022

Arsule : arsule.bandcamp.com
Ferïn : ferin.bandcamp.com

Painting on the artwork: The Damsel of the Holy Grail by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1874)

Elaine is the side project of Arsule & Ferïn, who create incredible music on their own but came together for this beautiful tribute to feminine power, grace & strength 👑⚔️
30 copies on clear cassettes, with gorgeous J-cards designed by the artists ✨


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