How do I get from Here to There

How do I get from Here to There

Celeste Inez Mathilda

Liminal Spaces

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A Daily Check-in Practice for Grounding into your Feelings and Needs to live an Inspired, Focused Life

There's a fine balance, in life, between getting distracted from what matters to you, and letting it matter so much that you get paralysed by stress and pressure.

This visually appealing, embodied check-in process is designed to help with that balance, and to find the sweet spot in the middle: feeling motivated and living a good life, while also allowing ease, rest, and gentleness.

It comes with a full-color, two-page spread with a seven-question check-in map, simple instructions to get you using the check-in quickly, deeper explorations of each question for you to engage with when you feel like going deeper, and a variety of nervous system-supporting practices to help you practice sitting with your feelings with trust and grace.

The check-in map is at the centre, so it can easily be pulled out and kept in a journal or hung on a bulletin board without ruining the rest of the booklet.

Written by Celeste Inez Mathilda.

A5, saddle-stitched zine, 28 pages: 6 pages full color, 22 black and white.

Tags: Adulting

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