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Limited stock of the original PEOW publishing, with an extra full-color section.

The steely coolness of humanity, the loneliness of the masses, and the comfort found in solitude. It blinds and reveals, hurts and heals. Brace yourself for what you’ll find on the other side of . . . Gleem.

Imbued with cyberpunk attitude and in the rebellious tradition of afrofuturism, GLEEM is drawn with a fierce momentum hurtling towards a future world. Carrasco’s distinct cinematic style layers detailed panels and spreads, creating a multiplicity of perspectives, at once dizzying and hypnotic. Vignettes unspool in proximity to our own social realities and expand into the outer layers of possibility. Whether in the club or a robot repair workshop, the characters in these three interconnected stories burst across frames until they practically step off the page.

A boy becomes bored at church with his grandmother until he tries a psychedelic drug. A group of friends are told that they need a rare battery if they want any chance of reviving their friend. Street style and cybernetics meet and burst into riotous dancing. Kindness and violence might not be as distant from each other as we think. GLEEM unsettles with a confidence that could make you believe in anything.

“An Afro-futuristic world where the kids are alright but looking for more…Throughout GLEEM, narratives and images blur into one another, making you look again and again, longer and more intently each time.” —Buzzfeed Books

“Dynamic cyberpunk in a Taiyo Matsumoto veil [where] Blackness exists in a dangerous place outside the security of citizenship— in the real world.”—The Comics Beat

”Ignatz Award Winner”— 2020 SPX  ”Doug Wright Award Winner”— 2020 TCAF


216 p / 210 x 150 mm / Monocolor pantone softcover / Spot-gloss 4c dustjacket / bw interiors with 4 color sections

Tags: Comics, Scifi

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