Glam Metal Monster Hunter

Michael Francis et al.

TPK Zine

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A Micro RPG of Neon Knights and Denim Demons in the Satanic Panic.

Glam Metal Monster Hunter is a zine-based, rules-light game of Neon Knights and Denim Demons inspired by the Hair Metal, Video Nasty, and Satanic Panic aesthetic of the 1980s.

The souls of an entire generation hang in the balance and you are the leopard print line between good and evil.

Created, designed, and written by Michael Francis AKA TPK Publishing. Contributors include Bryan Tyrrell, Lukasz Kowalczuk. Cool Janets, Adam Ratliff AKA Brian Buster, Zac Zemantic AKA Zeta Ray Zac, and Brendan Albetski AKA Hell to Breakfast. 

Headliner Zine + Cassette Combo includes:

- 1 copy of Glam Metal Monster Hunter zine
 20 pages, A5 size, full color throughout. 

- 1 copy of Ace of Snakes cassette
 Glam Metal Monster Hunter cassette produced by Hank Pattison (Death By Media Man). Cassette by Implant Records features covert art and design by Brendan Albertski (Hell to Breakfast). Includes physical download card for MP3 audio.

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