FEMINAZGUL "No Dawn For Men"

FEMINAZGUL "No Dawn For Men"


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"Beginning with the whistling birdsong and creaking accordion which introduces opener “Illa, Mother of Death”, No Dawn for Men quickly reveals itself to be an album more about texture and taste than fire and fury (though there’s certainly an undeniable undercurrent of both).

Throughout each of its eight tracks (well, almost all of them) the album’s near-seamless blending of guitars and synths feels like a natural union of melody and dissonance, while the anguished howl of vocalist Laura Beach adds an intense emotional flavour to the material, humanising it without nullifying or neutering its inherent strangeness." - Andy Sinn, nocleansinging.com

"Feminizer make incredible black metal, possessed of an epic quality very much in keeping with the genre’s natural affinities but also of a unique and mournful tone that is wholly their own. No Dawn For Me is them making good on the promise made with their EP, fully realizing their vision and expanding it to an even grander scale." - Eden Kupermintz, heavyblogisheavy.com

Released March 17, 2020

Laura Beach: lead vocals
Margaret Killjoy: piano, synth, accordion, drums, guitar, dane axe, backup vocals
Meredith Yayanos: violin, theremin, vocals
Trez Laforge: album art

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Professionally pressed and printed CD-r of full No Dawn for Men album including the 2 bonus tracks.

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