FARCASTER "Brain Machine"

FARCASTER "Brain Machine"


Old Stories

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"This is not really dungeon synth nor is it synthwave. This is lofi-retro-future-wave or anything that has taken off of this earth and set for the stars. Farcaster is an extension of Nikolas Wolff the creator behind the Desolation Plains project. [...] Far from the fantasy of medieval dungeon crawling the sound of spaceships, hyperdrives, and sword & planet adventures with the same lofi production. For anyone that enjoys old sci-fi movies and wants to sleep in the stars, I have a record for you." - Jonathan Carbon, Naïve Magic #16

“I love a concept album. Something about the unifying story or theme that links all the music together just makes a record a bit more appealing to me. When I saw “a lo-fi retro soundtrack for a horrible time in space” on Farcaster’s page, I knew I had to at least check out their latest release. Luckily, it turned out to be really good. […] Farcaster’s strength lies in the low-end here, as these eight tracks are anchored by a thick, rubbery bass synth that binds the other elements together. Check out the deep growls that kick off ‘Unexplored Territory’ or the full-throated buzz that rumbles below the twinkling arpeggios of ‘… TWO Brain Machines??’ Farcaster’s decision to use drum machines relatively sparingly on these compositions really pays off as well. It’s always a welcome surprise when a beat shows up and locks an amorphous synth nebula into a pattern for a while before eventually releasing it to float through space untethered again.” - Robert Newsome, Bandcamp Navigator March 2023

released April 13, 2023

Shrinkwrapped Tentacle Green Cassette featuring the full-length album.

Tags: Scifi, Tape

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