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The games contained within this text are old. Not the oldest, but close, close enough that they remember when play was called ritual and games were called gods. Esoteric is a collection of games, sure, but it is also a secret. For, you see, to describe a moment is to trap it. To pass on a memory of a moment is to mock it, stripping it of life and transforming it into clumsy masks and half-truths. Some things can be remembered. But perhaps, not everything must be. 

If your time spent playing Esoteric is a healthy one, and all goes well, then you should avoid describing your experiences to others or explaining what the game was like. It will be a secret, contained between the players, and it will die with your memory. Once you start playing, this rule is yours to follow for as long as you choose to continue playing. 

This rule is like all other rules—it should be suspended in the name of safety. Speak of this game if you must, to warn others, or to ask for help. In these golden days, your safety comes before the laws of any game, and if you don’t want to play along, nothing can make you.

Esoteric is a secret game, to be played under the cover of darkness. You may organize people together to play it, and get the supplies you need, but you cannot speak of what is to come besides to show the text of this game to others. Whoever reads from this book during the games is to be known as The Reader, in addition to any other names they might possess.

Before you begin playing, turn out all the lights and put away any machines you have with you. They won’t help you here.

Book design: Jay Dragon and Ruby Lavin
Edited by Abe Mendes

20 pages, stable bound zine, A4 size, black & white

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

Tags: Rpg, Zine

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