Dead Horse Volume 1

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“Dead Horse is a unfiltered dreamscape of dread, an unsettling mélange of macabre, an unified pastiche of peril. Featuring the written and artistic works of scores of creative minds on different topics for each volume. Dead Horse promises to not only be a useful addition to your musty shelves, but a channel of dread to the innermost of those you share it with.”

Dead Horse Magazine is an anthology of unsettling horror produced by Disaster Tourism featuring the following creators: 

  • David Garrett
  • S.M. French-Byrne
  • Exeunt Press
  • Crab Dominion
  • Kaden Ramstack
  • Seth Ian
  • W.H. Arthur
  • Adam Muszkiewicz
  • Ewen Macalister
  • Gabe Rivera
  • Christian Sorrell
  • Stella Condrey
  • Reece Erdman
  • Junk Food Games
  • Haunted Picnic
  • Cat War
  • Chris Airiau
  • Moss Powers
  • Ben Mansky
  • Cassi Mothwin
  • Andrea Benning
  • James Pianka
  • Richard Kelley
  • Novecento Manfredi
  • Jean Verne
  • Mark Smith
  • Rusty Harrington
  • Sanford Worth
  • Steve Brute
  • Tony Jaguar
  • Kim Holm

Also includes:

  • Uncomfortable insectoids

  • Gore toilets

  • Strangers beneath streetlights

  • A solo game about giant cockroaches

  • Interview with the creator of the Liminal Horror RPG

This is Dead Horse Issue #001 published in 2023. Approximately B5 sized (6.9”x9.8”). Glossy cover. Full color. Single issue and not a subscription.

NOTE: Contains written and artistic imagery of a disturbing and unsettling nature. Not intended for children.

Tags: Fiction, Horror, Rpg

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