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->CY_OPS is a 66 page A6 player-facing CY_BORG zine presented as an in-universe punk zine. No mechanics, no stats, just a chaotic little zine full of worldbuilding, quest hooks, items and a bunch of other cyberpunk stuff for your players to use in your CY_BORG games.


  • ->A review of a newly opened beer garden.
  • ->Player-facing hooks for other CY_BORG third party content.
  • ->Info on the latest SecOp threats.
  • ->Step by step guides for criminal behaviour.
  • ->Useful(?) contacts.
  • ->A catalogue of scratch built bits of horrible tech.
  • ->Player-driven tasks to gain access to that horrible tech.
  • ->Scraps of data that may or may not be useful.
  • ->A crossword about a shitty HoloVideo series from like 30 years ago that basically no-one watched. 
  • ->A whole load of bounty targets.
  • ->And a bunch of other stuff...


  • ->Stats, mechanics or rules.
  • ->Any sympathy for the corps, the cops, or the capitalist system.
  • ->A colour other than #ff007b.

    CY_OPS is an independent production by LETTUCE and is not affiliated with Stockholm Kartell. It is published under CY_BORG Third Party Licence. Compatible with CY_BORG. CY_Borg is Copyright 2022 STOCKHOLM KARTELL.

Zine, 66 pages.

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