Cloud Empress: Year One - 5 mini-zine adventure bundle

Cloud Empress: Year One - 5 mini-zine adventure bundle

worlds by watt

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5 unique mini-zine adventures from 5 different others expanding the world of the Hereafter in new and strange directions. 

BOOK I - The Seed Vault 
One week ago, a group of Farmerlings found the entrance to a massive vault. Within are seeds of plants thought long extinct: ancient grains, juicy vegetables, and medicinal roots. Rumors of this discovery spread quick as wind, perking the ears of dealers and the damned. Who else might be after the seeds within the vault?

Written by Samantha Leigh

BOOK II - Pit's Peak
A great piece of nothing lies somewhere in the Weeds - a huge, mysterious hole in the ground known as the Lecktoorn. Some are sent here on pilgrimages, others are drawn here on quests urgent and secretive. Many simply stumble upon this place. And yet, after lumbering days, weeks, through dirt just to gaze upon the colossal pit and down into its humbling depths, all inevitably feel the terrible bliss of fate linking arms behind their backs as if the Lektoorn has been waiting for their arrival all this time. 

Written by Alfred Valley

BOOK III- Lord of the Goneway 
In the decaying spires and groves of the Thickwood, rumors leak out of a frozen tomb containing a slumbering psychic possessed of godly power. Now a bloody race rages between a rogue Cloudling squad, an Imago Brood Cult, and a scheming Bodyhopper. 

Written by Joel Hines

BOOK IV - Echoes of Memories
Clones of the Rustbucket's inhabitants pour forth from a long-decommissioned laboratory. The clones comb the streets in search of their originals so they can destroy them and take their place.

Written by Sebastian Yūe

Book V - Labyrinth of the Bride 
The Emperor's collapsed momentum has called for a new bride, and the surrounding temple of broken glass has opened its doors for the first time in 10 years. Guests flock to the celebratory banquet to grasp for archaic favor and ancient treasure as the bride awaits her fate in the twisting hallways bellow. 

Written by Kienna Shaw

All books
edited by Roz Leahy
sensitivity editing by Monroe Soto
maps by Daniel Hallington
Illustrations by Garin, pbbeta, and watt.

5 A5 saddle-stitched zines, 6 color pages each.

*PDFs will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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