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BROKEN LUCK is a full-color zine supplement for the science-fantasy tabletop RPG TROIKA! Inside this zine you will find mythical backgrounds, magical tarot cardsspell tables, adventure sparks, NPCs, and everything you need to spice up your Troika! game with (un)godly adventures. Use it in combination with any preexisting sphere or as an independent setting


Be a Kid God. A Holy Beast. A minor deity or a powerful mortal being. Whoever you are, you’re an unlucky traveler and you’ve crossed the childish Gods. Now your life is a mess. You wander across the spheres and hide from the vengeful immortals. You seek their secret palace to take revenge and free yourself from their wretched curses.

Odd, uncanny, funny, playable characters and NPCs populate the world of BROKEN LUCK. Modular setting and spark tables give you whatever you need for your adventure. You can add a couple of characters or NPCs to your game, or build a whole custom adventure around Godly curses, magical tarot cards, and weird and powerful beings.

The zine is packed with otherworldly illustrations by Perplexing Ruins. Each double-page spread is meticulously crafted to deliver fun and useful game information, and transport into the eerie mood of this God-cursed universe.

What's inside the zine?

  • Five Backgrounds - minor deities, fallen immortals, cursed wanderers, and more
  • Background to NPC conversion table + custom mien
  • 22 Major Arcana Tarot system, with spells, combo mechanics and curses
  • Six adventure sparks tables
  • Two godly minions NPCs + custom mien
  • Three god generation tables
  • Godly Curse table

Writing+Layout: Iko
Art: Perplexing Ruins & L.F. OSR
Proofreading: Cleo Madeleine

The Goodies Pack includes the zine, The Life Egg pamphlet, and Oops! & Faceless God cards.

*PDFs will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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