Bikes in Space: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction

Bikes in Space: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction

Microcosm Publishing

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A powerful tribute to feminist sci-fi about bicycles. It gravitates away from the unfortunately-traditional macho heroes, hurtling through space with giant guns, ready to protect and/or tame their scantily clad space babe. Elly's visions of the future are populated by strong, intelligent, empowered women with complex personalities. Heroines find meaning and freedom on two wheels in the confines of a gated space society and in the ravaged earth left behind. Racers compete in deep space and on otherworldly planets. From fantasy to hard sci-fi to dystopia, there's something for everyone in this little volume that launched a genre.

Editor: Elly Blue
Cover:Katura Reynolds
Writing by: Kate Berube, Elizabeth Buchanan, Nicky Drayden, Amelia Greenhall, Jessie L. Kwak, Maddy Spencer, and Aaron Wilson.

Saddle-stitched zine, 64 pages.

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