Against the Grey

Against the Grey

Secret Table

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A system agnostic adventure about anthropomorphic animals taking up arms to defend their forest against the greed of the Grey.

The adventure is presented through two pamphlets, one for the referee and one for the players.

The Referee Pamphlet contains the main situation, the factions, a system to escalate the local conflict, and random tables for NPCs.

The Players Pamphlet provides the players with a map of the forest and player-facing descriptions of different locations to interact with. 

Content warning: violent uprising, some body horror. 

An adventure summoned on the Secret Table by Evlyn Moreau (text and illustrations), Huffa (text and layout), and RatGrrrl Games (text and random tables)

Against the Grey by Secret Table is licensed under the Creative Comrades License Agreement 1.0 (CCLA)

2 pamphlets, 4 vinyl stickers.

*PDFs will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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