Academies of the Arcane

Brian Yaksha

Melsonian Arts Council

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Academies of the Arcane is an 89-page supplement and the next official release for Troika! Numinous Edition, bringing the whole world of sorcerous schools into play.

Within you will find robust tools to create your own magical school: locations, classes, staff, and student body, as well as new tables for calamity and magical overload. How you choose to use these items to define your game’s tone and setting are entirely up to you—the book even includes advice for changing around the terminology, descriptions, and structures to fit your preferred wizarding world!

Academies of the Arcane is a comprehensive toolkit—it will work as well with any game where you might need magical schools, students possessing horrifying cosmic powers, and manipulative and petty faculty members. 


  • 36 new student character backgrounds—as many as the core Troika book!
  • Over 90 new spells befitting a wizarding academy.
  • 20+ enormous tables for generating school uniforms, school houses, teachers, locations, events, classes and more.
  • 50 pieces of fabulous original art throughout!
  • Bound to our high standards of book binding. It will last a lifetime!

Written by Brian Yaksha.
Illustrated by JeCorey Holder.
Editing & Development by Jarrett Crader.
Layout & Development by Christian Kessler.
Editing by Jared Sinclair.
Layout by Meredith Silver.

Hardcover oversized book (B5), 89 color pages. 

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