Free ZiMo 2022 fulfillment

We are offering US and Canada fulfillment to 5 first-time creators who successfully fund their project during Zine Month at no charge.

What is Zine Month (ZiMo)?
ZiMo is an alternative to Zinequest that does not rely on Kickstarter or a single site/company for funding. The website showcases the zines created for this event and links to whatever the creator's chosen platform is.

What are the requirements for submitting to Zine Month?  

1. Released or seeking funding within the month of February 2022;
2. Related to TTRPGs and/or adjacent;
3. Nothing perfect-bound or hardcover; only stapled, saddle-stitched, digital, etc.;
4. Roughly A5, 5.5x8.5”, or smaller in dimensions.

How does our free fulfilment work?
Once your project is funded, and your zine is printed, you'll send your zines to us (we'll help you sort out postage and any duties/taxes) and direct your backers to our store to pay for shipping which will be at cost, at domestic rates (we will be using USPS and Canada Post, respectively), and we will then ship the zines out.

1. Successfully funded during ZiMo;
2. All ZiMo requirements apply; 
3. Main author's first physical zine;
4. Not funded through Kickstarter;
5. Absolutely no NFT artist/s involved. 

Browse through our inventory to get an idea of what kind of games we support.

We are looking forward to hearing about your project. Drop us an email at 

Other support:
Not submitting your zine to ZiMo but need help with your first print? We're part of the Chapbook Co-Op and might be able to help you. 

Not a first time creator but looking for fulfilment? We have great rates! Shoot us a message!

Looking for UK/Worldwide fulfillment support? Contact SoulMuppet Publishing.

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